From Our Classrooms Into Your Home
Spoons at Home Programs 

Healthier eating programs for you and your children to do at home.

Recipe videos for you and your children to watch together.

The Food Exploration Project – Homeschooling

For children ages 8 to11 who are homeschooled or in a teaching pod or micro-school, this 9 session program brings together highlights from our current school-based programs in a progressive and developmental sequence.

Food Explorers Club

The Food Explorers Club is for parents who are seeking quality ways to provide their children, ages 8 to 11, with engaging healthy eating activities.

Food Explorers Club is free to join.

Farm to Book Storytime

Storytime is a video series for children ages 6 to 7 that uses children’s literature to teach children about food from the farm to the table. 

Farm to Book Storytime is free to join. 

Food Explorers Challenge

The Food Explorers Challenge is a three-part food exploration series including Fruits of the World, Vegetables of the World, and Grains, Beans, and Seeds of the World. The program is designed for children ages 7 to 11 and is filled with unique at-home activities that promote your children’s exploration of healthy foods.

Explore Our New York City Programs

1st-5th grade programs available in the New York City Public Schools

Public School Curriculum

1st through 5th grade courses make up our core curriculum.


Food Explorers

Our core curriculum begins in the 1st grade with Spoons Food Explorers where children are introduced to the fresh, healthful ingredients in a simple recipe, and actively explore these foods using all of their senses.


Farm to Book

This 2nd grade program gives children their first opportunity at exploring both new and unfamiliar tastes and flavors, learning about the source of their food, how it is produced, grown, and makes it way from farm to table.



After children have participated in Farm to Book and experienced an exploration of food origins and taste, they are ready for Take a Taste with Spoons in this 3rd grade course.


Recipe Days

“Graduates” of our third grade program Take a Taste with Spoons continue their learning, exploration of food, and healthful eating in Spoons Recipe Days for 4th graders.


Choose Your Plate

After completing 4 years of Spoons Across America’s programming, 5th grade children are ready for Choose Your Plate.

Summer Camp Program

Spoons Across America is excited to offer Cooking Club for summer camp programs. Activities are presented in a fun, hands-on manner with opportunities to learn culinary skills, kitchen science, food origins and more!

Not Local to New York City?

The Spoons Across America The Food Exploration Project grant program might be a good fit for you. In this 8 week course children get a taste of the Spoons Across America curriculum. This course is a condensed version of other SAA courses for 2nd through 6th grade children.

Resources to help you teach your children about healthier eating

Here you will find an array of tools to teach your children, as well as educate yourself.  Our resource pages will be updated frequently, so make sure to visit the page every month for new posts. 

Our resource page is free.

Spoons Across America is a pioneering nonprofit that develops and fields a comprehensive curriculum of proprietary, experience-based food education programs.

We believe the best way to encourage better nutrition among children is to engage all their senses and feed their natural curiosity. Our programs awaken and inspire a lifelong passion in children to explore smarter, more nutritious and more diverse food choices. We strive to improve children’s relationship with food so that they may enjoy the benefits of healthier bodies, healthier lives, healthier families and a healthier community.

Spoons Across America is a GuideStar Gold Participant

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