We are currently seeking volunteers for our annual Food Miles Relay programming. This is a great, hands-on program in which students around New York City get to learn about local food and how far various foods must travel from their origin before they are ultimately consumed. Kids will learn why local food is fresher and how to pay attention to where different foods come from


, all while having fun and being physically active!

The program will take place in schools around NYC from May 21-25th, and there will be a mandatory volunteer training on May 8th at the Institute of Culinary Education at 50 West 23 Street in Manhattan. If you’re interested in participating as a volunteer, please complete the volunteer registration form and return it by Monday, April 30th to our program director, Stacey Ornstein at Stacey@SpoonsAcrossAmerica.org.

We hope you can participate and look forward to meeting you!

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