On Tuesday, volunteers from Spoons Across America visited 10 more classrooms across the city to teach 3rd graders about the elements of taste and eating locally. One of our goals is to help students to have a healthy and happy relationship with food and to create lasting, positive food memories. Apples taste sweet and sometimes a little sour, but maybe they also taste like a cool fall day at your Aunt’s house….or perhaps they make you think of dunking for apples as a child… Maybe, for these kids, they’ll remember the time that a caring adult came to their school just to share something they cared about with them. Food memories are important things and we take them with us wherever we go in life.

Some more pictures from our classes…

Set up

The ingredients for the elements of taste.



Girl with Apple

What does it look like?


Girl with apple2

What does it smell like?


Girl with Apple3

What does it taste like?


Boy with Chart

He LOVES the apples!


kids in class


Thumbs up

I think they like the apples!


Group shot

Happy Kids!


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