SonyaCongrats to Spoons volunteer and former Program Leader Sonya Alonge for taking steps to make Halloween healthier this year in her community. “I enjoy taking my sons each year to the local YMCA for the annual Halloween party,” Sonya explained  “but I was concerned about the amount of sweets and candies available to the kids. So I challenged the Y to send a different message. Let’s use Halloween to show families HOW to change eating habits and make healthier, fun snack choices.” Sonya was elated to see they listened. This year’s Halloween party menu featured cups of chilled fresh grapes, popcorn with Chex cereal, sautéed chicken wings and bottled water. Even the gift bag give-aways had half the amount of candy of previous years.

“Honestly, it made me realize that one person, acting on one idea can really make a difference. Each of us is a change agent and together we can make healthy eating for our kids a way of life.”

Thank you Sonya for all the work that you do for Spoons and for the passion you bring to teaching children, their families

, AND their communities about healthy eating and good choices.

Want to be a change agent too? Volunteer for Spoons Across America!

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