I cook a lot. Almost every meal in fact, for my husband and 5 year old daughter, Ruby. Our dinners aren’t always lavish affairs- usually not, in fact- but my daughter likes to make place cards, and my husband likes to light the candles, and me… well I just try to get a healthy and tasty meal on the table without too much of a fuss. Unfortunately it usually takes about  a tenth as long to eat it as it does to make it, but when I get “Thank you for making such a yummy dinner, Mommy”, it’s all worth it.

One of my favorite things to do in the Spring and Summer is to host a relaxing dinner with friends and family. This weekend a very dear friend is moving back to home and we are excited to host her, her husband and 2 young children for dinner on Saturday night.

Taco Image 1I’m planning on making my sister’s recipe for shrimp tacos. It’s sure to please everyone


, as you can build your own, adding the grilled young onions or not, depending on your tastes. My daughter loves to help mash the avocados for guacamole and she’ll work on the decorations- making place cards with her neatest kindergarten handwriting. We’ve also been practicing some of these fun napkin folds.

What’s on your dinner (or breakfast or lunch) menu this month? Give some of these napkin folds a try and share some of your table pictures with us on Instagram. We’ll post ours as well!


A 5th grader passes out some tasting samples at a Spoons Across America Dinner Party Project

This Spring, Spoons Across America, is working with two public schools as their host their own dinner parties. Fifth grade students participating in The Dinner Party Project will be practicing their own napkin folds, tasting vinaigrette ingredients, and cooking up a healthy meal for their families and friends in the school cafeteria. It’s an exciting way to get children involved in all aspects of meal planning and prep including learning about food advertising

, balanced eating, safe knife skills, and the importance of family meals. We are excited to take a taste of their hard work!

Click here for an activity on making any meal a Dinner Party!

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