This time of year is so difficult. Crowds everywhere – on the streets, in the stores, in restaurants, literally everywhere! I’ve had it with holidays and their traditions. The music is the same old, same old. Decorating creates a mess – both while you’re doing it and when you’re undoing it! The shopping is exhausting. Writing cards causes hand cramps. I think we’d all be better off if we just concentrate on getting through the winter and forego all the phoney holiday wiff-waff.

All that being said, as we get closer to Christmas I must admit that I notice a kinder and sweeter demeanor in people. It’s as if a bit of magic is happening. Why is that? The crowds are as large as ever but they aren’t pushing and shoving

, grabbing and elbowing. It all begins to flow.

The music seems to have more feeling as if there is something special in the air. And for now, the decorations seem to sparkle with their beauty.

Ok, I admit it, as hard as I try to be a curmudgeon, in the end I can’t carry it off. I get ideas of cooking, baking and enjoying the excitement of the season as much, if not more, than everyone else. I love the idea of being generous with my family. We are so spread apart that we don’t have much opportunity to share our spirit with each other. So the holidays force a kind of focus on remembering the love that surrounds me in my life. Mmmm, that’s nice.

WalnutsEvery year I love baking a very special cake that my friends not only expect but they check in with me to be sure I’m going to bake it. It’s a Walnut Cake and if you freeze it and take a little bit off at a time it will last for months. That’s the recipe I want to share with my Spoons Across America friends this year. I hope you will enjoy baking it as much as I do. This cake has to bake in the oven for well over an hour. No problem

, you’re going to love the aroma from it as it fills your apartment or house. In my building, people who live on my floor, on the floor above me and on the floor below me remark about how wonderful that cake smells while baking.

In spite of my start to this post, I really do want to wish everyone very happy holidays and a healthy New Year!


Follow this link to see the recipe for my Walnut Cake so you can bake it at home to share with family and friends!

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