Spoons Food Miles Relay

Spoons Food Miles Relay teaches students about freshness, energy use, and about environmental and other benefits of buying and eating locally grown foods.

In June 2009, Spoons Across America launched Spoons Food Miles Relay Program to over 350 4th graders in seven New York City Schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. In 2012 we grew this program to over 2,000 students in all five boroughs! This exciting, fun, hands-on, physically active program gives students the opportunity to learn:

  • What “Food Miles” are and how far food items travel from their origin
  • That it often takes more energy for food to travel from far away than it does to travel from more local sources
  • To pay more attention to where their food comes from
  • That locally grown foods are freshest
  • How the quality and taste of food can be affected by the distance it traveled


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