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Individual Donors

Board of Trustees of Spoons Across America
Arthur and Diane Abbey
Anna Alexander
Edward Arbiter
Courtney Armour
Dan and Dana Bank
David and Marsha Bank
Geoffrey and Raphael Bartholomew
David and Martha Bear Dallis
Robert Berk MD
William Bisceglia
James Boland
Carol Borden
Marie Bove
Stanlee and Elizabeth Brimberg
Jared and Diane Harris Brown
Ann Burgunder
Barbara Anne Burke
Yudelka Carrera
Elizabeth Carton
Bonnie and Clive Chajet
Megin and Cathryn Charner-Laird
Hillard Charner
Ivan and Kathleen Charner
Sam Charner
Chef Bobo aka Robert Surles
Pierre and Teresa Cledic
Geoffry and Phyllis Cohl
Linda Coleman
Henry and Carol Collazo
Robert and Eileen Condon
Robert M. Condon
Martin Cook
Emilie Cozzi
Donna Damico
Laura Delano and Roberto Celli
Frank and Lucia Derosa
Peter and Karen Dicke
Frank and Jean Earley
George Edwards
Feliberto Estévez
Ellen Futterman
Robert Grabel
Myrna Grandison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hausen
Rudolf Heirman and Janet Johnson
Dennis Hersch
Louise Hoffman and Lewis Santoni
Paula Horowitz and Scott Horn
Terry Jackson
Yuan Ji
Jacqueline Jones/ Jacque’s Catering
Blanche Jordan
Fern and Ismail Khan
Laura Lehrman
Richard and Mary Levine
Michael and Joanne Lewin-Jacus
Susan Lifrieri and Bernie Lowry
Maria Lindstrand
Michael and Diane Lomonaco
Gloria and Matthew MacCartney
Teresa Magaram
Richard Malanga and Gary Gordon
Susan Marchand
Sorrell Mathes
Jacqueline Missick
Jacqueline Moessner
Jane Mushabac
Michael Nash
Alisha Niehaus Berger
David and Candy Orlinsky
Chul Pak
Emily Pesa
Thomas Potter and Gayle Flannery
Kyle Rabin
Elizabeth Schaible and Henri Gueron
Richard Smilow
Mary Louise and Melvin Sowers
Omayma Stephan
Cynthia Strieter-Boland
Jordan Strieter
Audrey Sussman and Mitchell Smilowitz
Rita Sussman
Alan Suzuki
Alice Szigethy
Dante Tarantini and Francisco Betancourt
Joel and Carol Thea
Jay Weinstein and Daisy Ospina
Michael Wolk
E. Anthony Wright
David and Bora Park Zawadski

Event Sponsors - The Dinner Party Project

Providers: Thomas C. Anderson, Arrow Advertising, Borax Paper Products, C2Media, Dancing Classrooms in Schools, The Digital Arts Alliance, First Kiss Creative, Gracie Mansion Team, Mamajuana Café, Pearson Foundation, Restaurant Associates, City Tech’s Spoons Across America Club, UBS Team, Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation

Past Sponsors

American Institute of Wine & Food
American Express Company
Bear Dallis Associates, Inc.
Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages
California Tomato Commission
Costco Wholesale
Coyote Cafe
Fresh California Grapes, The California Table Grape Commission
Freundlich Associates, Inc.
International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP)
International Olive Oil Council
La Brea Bakery, Website Founding Sponsor
March of Dimes
Metro Fire Protection
Roaring Fork Restaurant
Rosemary Restaurant
Skytop Lodge
The Lonesome Dove
The Tyson Organization, Inc.
Warner Hanson Television

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Our History

SAA partners with businesses, professional organizations, and volunteers – farmers, chefs, restaurateurs, and food professionals – across the country.

Our Team

Spoons Across America acknowledges the hard work of our dedicated staff. We couldn’t do this work without you!

Our Partners

In order to produce and develop our food and nutrition education programs, SAA partners with organizations, corporations, and individuals.

About Us

We are founded on the premise that the best approach to good nutrition is to encourage children to lift up their spoons, excite all their senses, and taste new healthy foods.