Cooking at Home with Spoons Across America
featuring Ali and Ruby

Designed to be done in the home, our video series, Cooking at Home with Spoons Across America, is for parents who are seeking quality ways to provide their children with engaging educational activities.

Cooking at Home with Spoons Across America featuring Ali and Ruby

Each Cooking at Home with Spoons Across America video showcases a nutritious recipe that you and your children can make in your kitchen.  These videos are centered around healthful food and ingredients that you would have in your pantry − and are an exciting way for your children to learn about taste, ingredients, and cooking techniques. 

Each video comes with an accompanying activity sheet for you to download. On the activity sheet, you will find the recipe as well as fun nutrition-based projects and games you can do with your child. 

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Cooking at Home with Spoons Across America features Ali and Ruby, a mom and daughter who, just like you, are learning to navigate what to cook in their kitchen based on what food is available and what they have at home. Ali McDowell serves as the curriculum advisor to Spoons Across America. A former teacher and avid home cook, Ali enjoys bringing the joy and pleasure of delicious meals (even when they necessitate scrounging through the refrigerator) to her family. Ruby, who is 9 years old and in the 4th grade, has been cooking with her mom since she was just a baby. Ruby loves pickles, farm fresh greens, acting, playing soccer goalie, and studying the American Revolution.  Ali and Ruby are excited to share some of Spoons Across America’s favorite recipes with you!  

Spoons Across America videos are made by a parent and child who are dedicated to sharing their love of cooking with you.  

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Fresh Fruit Fool

A fool is an English dessert. Traditionally, a fruit fool is made by folding pureed stewed fruit into a sweet custard. However, this modern fool recipe skips the traditional custard and uses homemade whipped cream.

Click here to download the recipe and activity sheet.

Caeser Salad

This is an excellent recipe for your budding chef to make on their own. By making homemade Caser dressing, you get to control what in what’s in it – fewer preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavoring. This recipe is adapted from one found in Chef Bobo’s Good Food Cookbook by Robert Serles. Chef Bobo is a great friend of Spoons Across America and is the Executive Chef at The Calhoun School. He’s a vocal proponent of good food for kids and for getting young people into the kitchen.

Click here to download the recipe and activity sheet.

Fun Fish Cheese Crackers

This is a fun and easy recipe for you to make your own snack crackers. By making them yourself, you know exactly what is in them and that there are no preservatives or other additives included. This recipe uses sharp cheddar cheese, but you can experiment with other types of cheese or even try adding fresh herbs, ground pepper, garlic powder, or other spices for a more pungent flavor.

Click here to download the recipe and activity sheet.

Vegetable Pizza with Homemade Sauce Recipe

It’s time for Pizza Night! Homemade pizza is easy to make and can be made almost as fast as you can get it delivered! Choose whatever toppings you enjoy, but try to pick some news flavors to allow your food adventurer to explore new foods. The no-cook sauce is simple to make as well and includes ingredients you’re likely to have in the house!

Click here to download the recipe and activity sheet.


In this recipe, children prepare the various toppings for couscous then create their own colorful, nutritious snack or meal with fresh vegetables, dried fruits, cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, and fresh herbs. Balancing flavors and balancing nutrients often go hand and hand. The more kids (and all of us) are involved in choosing and preparing food with fresh ingredients, the more we understand that what is nutritious is also delicious!

Click here to download the recipe and activity sheet.

Mashed Chickpea Salad

Instead of snacking on a food with the artificial flavors and high salt content, tell your child you will be making a healthy snack by making mashed chickpea salad. Mashed chickpea salad can be a great snack or meal, try it with veggies or as a sandwich!

Click here to download the recipe and activity sheet.

Quick Pickled Carrots and Cucumbers

This recipe for quick pickles can be used for all sorts of vegetables, including carrots, tomatoes, radishes, cauliflower, green beans, and of course cucumbers! You can experiment with other spices and herbs such as thyme, oregano, crushed red pepper, mustard seeds, smoked paprika, and more! A few slices of onion are delicious too! Before choosing, try tasting each separately to help decide what flavors you like and what you think will taste good together

Click here to download the recipe and activity sheet.


Chapathi is a flatbread from India that needs only five ingredients and doesn’t require any yeast or time to rise. Flatbreads are a common staple in many cultures, with toppings and fillings that are as unique as the people who make them.

Click here to download the recipe and activity sheet.



Garbanzitos are a healthy snack made from chickpeas. Let your child create their blend of spices and seasonings, and sprinkle it on chickpeas that are roasted until they become crispy and crunchy. The seasoning tastes just like Doritos, but is much healthier! This seasoning blend is also delicious on roasted vegetables and even meat! You can even shake the seasoning over popcorn

Click here to download the recipe and activity sheet.

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