Take a Taste for Spoons 2018: The Dinner Party Challenge

Thank you for registering to host a dinner party! Here’s everything you need to make The Dinner Party Challenge 2018 a success. 

Your Dinner Party Challenge Page

Create your personal Dinner Party Challenge Page via DonorPerfect to invite your guests and raise money.

Helpful Tips

Tips for hosting a successful dinner party.

Conversation Starters

Download and print these conversation starters to spark interesting dinner discussions:

Hosting a Dinner Party: Helpful Tips

Make any meal into a dinner party!

 Plan ahead.
Set your guest list, menu, and recipes ahead of time for a stress-free dinner party. Make sure you know which dishes will take longest to cook so you can time your preparation accordingly.
 Make it homemade.
We teach children that the key to healthy eating is choosing homemade rather than store-bought as often as possible. This allows you to know exactly what’s going into your body, and also makes for the most delicious meals as you can customize recipes with your favorite flavors! Most importantly, cooking brings people together and creates food memories.
 Ingredients first.
The secret to a fantastic meal is fantastic ingredients. Prioritize fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, and even the simplest recipes will burst with flavor. 
 Work together.
Have your guests help out in the kitchen to lighten your load. Your meal will be all the more special if you use teamwork to make it a success.
Put away the screens.
An easy way to make your meal special is by making a rule to set aside technology and focus on face-to-face interaction. Check out our conversation starters to help you spark interesting conversations!

Why donate to Spoons?

Every dollar you raise helps us turn more children in to life-long food explorers! You can download this infographic to share with your guests by clicking the button below.

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