The Food Explorers Wellness Fair


The Food Explorers Wellness Fair is a one-day activity packed fair for children to explore elements of taste, food groups, food sourcing, and to learn how to make healthy food choices.


At the fair, children become “Food Explorers” as they journey through five stations and learn about each topic through hands-on and physical activities. Once children arrive at the fifth and final station, children will receive a Food Explorers kit to encourage children to continue learning at home.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity as there are a limited number of fairs for the school year. If you are interested in bringing the 1-day fair to your after-school program, Sign up today and secure your children a chance to participate in becoming a Food Explorer with Spoons Across America.

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Station 1 – Explore the Elements of Taste:

Certain elements of taste influence what we like and dislike about the foods we eat. This station teaches children to accurately describe what they taste beyond the standard “yuck” or “yum”.



Station 2 – Combining Elements of Taste:

Children will learn how to change the flavor of their foods and how recipes are created though flavor combinations.


Station 3 – What Are Micronutrients:

Children play a game named, “Go, Slow, Woah”. This game is used as a physical representation of how different foods affect our energy levels.


Station 4 – How to Make Healthy Choices:

Children will identify healthy foods by shopping in a mini food market. At the end of the station, they will have to determine what is healthy and unhealthy in their purchase.




Station 5 – A New Relationship with Food:

Children will celebrate having completed the Food Explorers Wellness fair and collect their Food Explorer Kits.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will my children learn in the program?

Your children will learn about healthy eating through hands-on activities that include opportunities for them to taste new and familiar foods, discover where food originates, practice age-appropriate cooking skills, create simple recipes, and have fun while they learn about nutrition and the importance of balanced and healthful eating.

What are some of the session themes? 

Your children will learn about the elements of taste, culinary practices, how recipes are created, and how different foods affect our energy levels and well-being.

Where should I teach the program?

The Food Explorers Wellness Fair is design to be taught in a space to hold all of your children from seven to 12 years old. Event spaces include, but are not limited to the following spaces – cafeterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and meeting halls.

How often should I teach the program?

While the Food Explorers Fair is a one-day event, we have many food and nutrition education programs that you can use to encourage your children to become Food Explorers. Check out our School and Home Programs to learn more.

Do I need to buy any special equipment to do this program? 

No, the Food Explorers Fair is brought to you and executed by Spoons Across America staff and volunteers, making it perfect for communities with a large enough event space to hold the one-day event.

How do you determine how much I must pay for the program?

As a nonprofit organization, we are committed to bringing the message of healthier eating to children across the country. The cost of the program covers our production and shipping expenses only.  We fund the balance of the program’s expense through the generosity of individuals just like you. 

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