No-Cook Farm to Book Recipes

To accompany the Farm to Book Storytime program, we have added a new video series for you to watch with your children. Each two-minute video will show you how to make a healthy snack based on one of our  Storytime books.

No-Cook Farm to Book Recipes

No-Cook Farm to Book Recipes video series teaches you and your children how to make a quick and healthy snack that is based on a  Farm to Book Storytime book.  Each two-minute video uses a healthful ingredient that is highlighted in a book.  The recipes are fast and easy to make and can be made with your children.  This video series is a fun and easy way for you to have your children try a variety of healthy foods and practice their culinary skills.

If you do the recipes with children, ages 6 to 7, we recommend that your children watch the Farm to Book Storytime video that is associated with the book before they do the recipe. If you have older children, they too will enjoy the No-Cook Farm to Book Recipes videos and making a healthy snack.

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Breakfast Banana Split and The Honeybee Man

The Breakfast Banana Split recipe is inspired by The Honeybee Man. This recipe is a healthy breakfast twist on a classic dessert!

In The Honeybee Man videochildren learn about the life of an endearing beekeeper and the honey-making process. To watch the read-aloud video for The Honeybee Man click here.

To watch the Breakfast Banana Split recipe video click here.

To print out the recipe for Breakfast Banana Split click here.


Apple Donuts and The Apple Orchard Riddle 

The Apple Donut recipe is inspired by The Apple Orchard Riddle. Apple donuts are a healthy treat that looks just like a donut.  

In The Apple Orchard Riddle videochildren learn about apples and apple orchards — including how apples are harvested, how cider is made, and the many different varieties of apples — while trying to solve a riddle. To watch the read-aloud video for The Apple Orchard Riddle click here.

To watch the Apple Donut recipe video click here.

To print out the recipe for Apple Donuts click here.


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