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Food literacy programs for 1st grade – 5th grade

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Public School Curriculum: Grades 1 – 5

Available in New York City

Spoons Food Explorers
Our core curriculum begins in the 1st grade with Spoons Food Explorers. In this 2 session program, children are introduced to the fresh, healthy ingredients in a simple recipe, and actively explore these foods using all of their senses. Read More…
Farm to Book
Spoons Across America’s core curriculum begins in the 2nd grade with Farm to Book. This program, taught monthly for the entire school year, gives children their first opportunity at exploring both new and unfamiliar tastes and flavors, learn about the source of their food-how it is produced, grown, and makes it way from farm to table. Read More…
Take a Taste with Spoons
After children have participated in Farm to Book and experienced a year-long exploration of food origins and taste, they are ready for Take a Taste with Spoons.  Building upon the themes of exploration and discovery established in Farm to Book, this 3-week residency for 3rd graders, gives children the opportunity to delve deeper into the discovery of taste, develop increased vocabulary around food and flavor, learn more specific information about nutrition and healthy choices, and make some simple recipes.   Read more…
Spoons Recipe Days
“Graduates” of our third grade program, Take a Taste with Spoons, continue their learning, exploration of food, and healthy eating in Spoons Recipe Days: a year-long program for 4th graders. Each monthly session focuses upon a selected theme and recipe that encourages children to explore, prepare and taste healthy foods.  Read More…
The Dinner Party Project®

After completing 3 years of Spoons Across America’s programming, 5th grade children are ready for The Dinner Party Project.  The children in The Dinner Party Project are responsible for planning, preparing, and hosting a multi-course dinner for their families in their school cafeteria. Read more…

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After School and Community Programs:

Available in New York City

Spoons Cooking Club
An 8 session food and nutrition literacy program for children 6-13 years old. Each one-hour session focuses upon a selected theme and recipe that encourages children to explore, prepare and taste healthy foods.. Read more…

Schools/Afters School/Community Programs:

Available outside New York City

The Food Exploration Project

The Spoons Across America Food Exploration Project will be available all across the country starting this spring. In this 8 week course children get a taste of the Spoons Across America curriculum. This course includes condensed learning from other SAA courses for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Read more…