The Dinner Party Project is a dynamic family-focused food education program involving children (5th graders) in the entire process of producing a dinner party for their families at a school or community center.

Through a seven-week project, fifth grade students are taught about nutrition, food safety, meal planning, table setting, etiquette, and cooking. This powerful experience of planning a dinner party also deepens their understanding of the value of community, family, teamwork, and sharing, while building self-esteem and having fun.

The Dinner Party Project can be implemented in a variety of ways. New York City Public school and local community organization  personnel can be trained to implement the program independently with support from Spoons Across America or a Spoons-trained educator can come and teach the lessons and organize the program.

The Dinner Party Project began in Spring 2001 in the New York City metro area, and has been taught in 27 U.S. cities serving 6,470 students.  Dinner Parties are available to New York City schools, charter schools, community centers, and After School programs.

The following schedule is an example curriculum followed for a seven-week project:
  • Girl with SoupLesson One: What is a Dinner Party? – Introduction, Dining Habits, and Invitations
  • Lesson Two: What’s Cooking? –  Fresh Food, Seasonal Menus
  • Lesson Three: What Should I Eat? – Health Behaviors and Balanced Eating
  • Lesson Four: Setting the Scene – Creating the Mood, Table Setting & Etiquette
  • Lesson Five: Work Period – Recipe Testing and Collaborative Group Work
  • Lesson Six: The Dinner Party – Cooking and Hosting
  • Lesson Seven: Reflections on Dinner – Final Projects and Thank-You Notes

Volunteer Opportunities with The Dinner Party Project

SAA is conducting three Dinner Party Projects this May and June. Volunteers are partnered with a SAA Curriculum Leader. The Dinner Party Project consists of 6 one-hour lessons plus an additional half day (2pm-8pm) on the day of the actual dinner party. Classroom lessons are scheduled in the morning as well as after-school. Volunteers assist students with cooking and distributing the meal on the night of the Dinner Party.

We are looking for volunteers for classroom lessons and to support children in the kitchen the night of the party.  Contact for more information. Please specify the program of interest and neighborhood preference. Are you a current Spoons volunteer? Contact us to participate this year.

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Volunteers are an essential component of the work that we do with children, helping out in the classroom but also providing a mentoring role for children.

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