The Dinner Party Project®

A 6 family-focused food education program for 5th grade children

The Dinner Party Project is a dynamic family-focused food education program involving children in the entire process of producing a dinner party for their families in their school cafeteria.


After completing 4 years of Spoons Across America’s programming, 5th grade children are ready for the culminating program of their Spoons Across America experience. In The Dinner Party Project® children are responsible for planning, preparing, and hosting a multi-course dinner for their families in the school cafeteria. In this program, children further explore taste concepts, expand their understanding of nutrition, the difference between a “diet” and a “healthful diet”, food safety, meal-planning, and cooking. The powerful experience of planning a dinner party also deepens their understanding of the value of community, family, teamwork, and sharing, while building self-esteem and having fun.

Take home and class assignments although children to dive more deeply into concepts explored in The Dinner Party Project lessons, and weekly newsletters engage families with related activities, resources and recipes.

These hands-on lessons connect to Common Core Learning Standards.


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