IMG_4319Farm to Book is a monthly food and literacy program for 2nd grade children.  Children’s literature – both fiction and nonfiction – is used to introduce children to new and unfamiliar tastes and flavors, and makes these concepts accessible and fun for young children. These picture books focus on a range of culinary, health, and agriculture related topics including local and seasonal foods, information about plants (parts of a plant, how a seed grows), foods of different cultures, and nutrition.  In every session children have the opportunity to smell, taste, and talk about new and unfamiliar foods: inspiring them to become adventurous eaters and develop curiosity about taste, and where their food is grown.  Each session includes a tasting component as well as an additional hands-on activity that connects to current Common Core Learning Standards. In every session students have the opportunity to smell, taste and talk about these new foods: inspiring them to become adventurous eaters.

At the end of each session, children receive a take-home handout containing recipes, activities and information related to the food highlighted in that month’s book. At the end of all 9 sessions a cookbook is created celebrating all the foods explored throughout the school year.


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Volunteers are an essential component of the work that we do with children, helping out in the classroom but also providing a mentoring role for children.

Take-A-Taste with Spoons

After children have participated in Farm to Book and experienced a year-long exploration of food origins and taste, they are ready for Take a Taste with Spoons.

Spoons Recipe Days

“Graduates” of our third grade program Take a Taste with Spoons continue their learning, exploration of food, and healthy eating in Spoons Recipe Days: a year-long program for 4th graders.

The Dinner Party Project®

After completing 3 years of Spoons Across America’s programming, 5th grade children are ready for The Dinner Party Project.

Agriculture Literacy Week

Spoons Across America manages Cornell Cooperative Extension’s New York Agriculture Literacy Week for New York City classrooms.

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SAA develops and supports food and nutrition based educational programs which encourage children to become independent and inquisitive food explorers.