The importance of sharing meals with family and friends:

Napkin Folding Tutorials and Diagrams:

Table Setting:


  • Table Manners Printable table setting diagram and lots of advice on proper manners (Manners International)

Cooking Basics:

Knife Skills:

Cooking with Kids:

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The Dinner Party Project®

Offering children an opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of planning, preparing, serving and enjoying a meal with their parents and friends.

Take-A-Taste with Spoons

Students learn to identify elements of taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter); develop their food vocabulary; and understand the importance of eating fresh, local food.

Spoons’ Recipe Days

Children are encouraged to taste and prepare fresh, local foods; share meals; expand one’s tastes; and promote the importance of eating healthy, tasty foods.

Agriculture Literacy Week

Spoons Across America manages Cornell Cooperative Extension’s New York Agriculture Literacy Week for New York City classrooms.

Farm to Book

Spoons trained educators read a food-related storybook and lead a tasting and curriculum activity.

Our Programs

SAA develops and supports food and nutrition based educational programs which encourage children to become independent and inquisitive food explorers.