Sponsor A Program

Invest in Healthier Children with Adopt-A-School

Through Sponsorship and Volunteering, your company can help us teach children how to make healthy eating choices – one classroom at a time!

Spoons Across America’s Adopt a Program enables companies and organizations to directly support our programs through both sponsorship and volunteerism. Corporations, local businesses, organizations, and volunteer groups can all demonstrate their commitment to social engagement, corporate responsibility, and have a direct impact creating healthier lives for the children in the community.

Your employees will partner with a Spoons Across America Food Educator to assist in all aspects of program implementation in the classroom. They will help with lesson preparations and set up, and work directly with children to help them make discoveries about what they taste, cook and eat.  Our volunteers find that they get so much back from their experiences in the classroom when they help children to make new taste discoveries and support their growing curiosity about food. This fun, team-building experience allows your employees to contribute to a healthy community.

Spoons Across America supports the entire cost our food literacy and nutrition education programs, and provides them for free to New York City public schools. We are committed to bring our programs to as many schools as possible – and you can help us. In addition to volunteering, program sponsorship helps us maintain and expand our unique programs for children. Your generosity will help to ensure that more children learn how to develop a healthy food curiosity that will have a lasting impact throughout their lives. Please consider one of these sponsorships:

How Does It Work?
Volunteer commitment can be structured around the needs and time of your employees. They can choose to volunteer for a single classroom lesson, for programs lessons in a participating school, or grade-level program. We have programs ongoing throughout the school year and are able to offer a range of experiences.
A hands-on training is given to all volunteers working with children in the classroom. Corporations or businesses that commit more than 8 volunteers can request a customized training at our mid-town office or at your company’s location.

Ali McDowell
Director of Programs & Partnerships