The Food Exploration Project
Designed for schools, afterschool programs, libraries, homeschoolers and community organizations, this program brings together highlights from our current school-based programs in a progressive and developmental sequence.
The Food Exploration Project provides a taste of Spoons Across America’s food and nutrition literacy program for schools and community organizations across America who are looking to add a classroom-based food program to their current curricular offerings

Coming Spring 2019

Beginning this spring, we are excited to offer The Food Exploration Project to interested schools, afterschool programs, libraries and community centers outside of New York City. This 8 session program for 2nd-6th grade children brings together highlights from our current school-based programs in a progressive and developmental sequence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Food Exploration Project? The Food Exploration Project is an eight session food and nutrition literacy program 6 -11 year old children that brings together highlights from Spoons Across America’s current school-based programs. Hands on activities include opportunities to taste new and familiar foods, learn about where food comes from via picture books, develop age appropriate nutrition and cooking skills, make simple recipes, and have fun while learning about the importance of balanced and healthy eating.

What age group is recommended for this program? The Food Exploration Project can be adapted to work with most age groups, although younger children will need more adult direction and support. In some cases, older children have worked with younger students after participating in their own sessions. Curriculum materials include suggestions for how to adapt the program for different age children.

How is The Food Exploration Project implemented?  Program sessions can be implemented according to the needs and schedule of your program or site. Some sites choose to teach classes once a week for 8 weeks, other implement the program monthly or bi-monthly over a longer period of time.

Who is eligible for The Food Exploration Project? This program is designed to be implemented in an educational setting such as a classroom, after school program, community center, homeschool or library. Please see below for specific information about eligibility.

Do you offer training for The Food Exploration Project?  This program and its accompanying materials are designed so that it can be implemented without an in-person training. All instructions philosophy, and methodology are included in The Food Exploration Project Curriculum Guide and Manual. If your site wishes to schedule an in-person training in New York City, this can be arranged for an additional fee.

What materials are included with the program? All of the information, lessons, and materials that your staff will need to implement The Food Exploration Project are included. (Sites provide food for lessons and some paper goods). Materials include:

  • Curriculum Guide with detailed lesson plans for each session
  • Food Explorer Cooking Kit (with select cooking supplies for use in the program),
  • Select food-related picture books
  • Program template materials (parent letters, handouts for kids, etc.),
  • Food and supply lists, and
  • Other lesson-related materials

Can we implement it with more than one group/location? YES! Once you receive curriculum materials, you are free to implement it with all groups and locations associated with your program. The Food Explorer Cooking Kit has enough materials for 1 class of 25 students, but most materials are reusable.

Can we get additional Food Explorer Kits? YES! Many sites decide to purchase additional kits so more than one group or location can participate at one time. Please contact us for pricing.



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