Farm to Book Storytime 

Storytime is video series for children ages 6 to 7 that uses children’s literature to teach children about food from the farm to the table. Farm to Book Storytime is free to join. 

Farm to Book Sorytime teaches your children about the sources of their food – how it is produced, grown, and transported from farm to table.  We make these concepts accessible and fun for young children by using children’s literature read by a Spoons Across America Food Educator. 

In each video, there are foods that we encourage you to have your children taste and explore, and that correlate to the food discussed in the book. After watching a Farm to Book Storytime video, we recommend that you give your children the opportunity to smell, taste, and talk about the new and unfamiliar foods mentioned in the book. Learning about new foods and tasting them will inspire your children to become adventurous eaters and to develop curiosity about taste, and where their food is grown. 

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Below is an example of a Farm to Book Storytime activity.

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If you are looking for food exploration activities you can do with your older children, ages 8 to 11,
check out the Food Explorers Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Farm to Book Storytime?
Twice a month Spoons Across America will post a new video where one of our Food Educators reads a food-themed storybook that your children can view online. Along with each video, there are activity sheets for you to do with your children, as well as recommended foods for your children to taste after they watch the video. The activity sheets are based on each storybook and are an exciting way for your children to learn about the food they eat.  To help your children through their food exploration, we recommend purchasing the food item ahead of time so your child can taste the food directly after watching the video. This program is designed to include vegetables and fruits that can be found in any grocery store.

We recommend showing one video to your child every two weeks so your child has time to process what has been learned, as well as look forward to an upcoming video.

What types of books will be read in Farm to Book Storytime?
These picture books focus on a range of culinary, health, and agriculture-related topics including local and seasonal foods, information about plants (parts of a plant, how a seed grows), foods of different cultures, and nutrition. 

What age group is recommended for this program?
Farm to Book Storytime is reccomended for children ages 6 to 7, but it can be used with a wider range of learners ages 5 to 8. 

What is the cost of the program?
The cost to receive updates of Farm to Book Storytime videos is free.

Farm to Book Storytime

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The Little Red Hen
Book by Jerry Pinkney

Read by Ms. Clarice

In this book, children hear about a hen on a farm who finds some wheat and decides to make bread with it. Children learn about the importance of hard work and helping others.

After watching this video children should try: various types of bread, such as wheat, matzah, or pita.

Click here for free printable accompanying activity worksheets.

Click here to watch the video.

Right This Very Minute
Book by Lisl H. Detlefsen 
Illustrated by Renee Kurill

Read by Ms. Clarice

In this book, children learn more about where their food comes from. 

After watching this video children should try local fruits and vegetables, such as apples, potatoes, or strawberries.

Click here for free printable accompanying activity worksheets.

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