Spoons Across America needs volunteers
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Our Approach:

Spoons Across America’s comprehensive and progressive approach to food and nutrition education in public schools begins in 1st grade and continues through 5th grade. Children participating in our programs have educational experiences around food, tasting, nutrition and health that are developmentally appropriate and build upon previous concepts and experiences. All our programs are hands on and exploratory based, as well as including opportunities for writing and drawing, and contain take home materials for families with recipes, related activities, and opportunities for further discovery.


Volunteer and secure an internship:

Interns are an essential component of the work that we do with children, helping in the classroom but also providing a mentoring role for children. After participating in a hands-on training, Interns are partnered with a Spoons Across America Education specialist and assist in all aspects of program implementation. We look for an ongoing commitment between Interns and a particular classroom or school. Interns responsibilities include assisting with program set up, working directly with children, teaching cooking skills, reach and development and assisting in the Spoons Wellness Fairs. See below for more information. All programs meet weekly for 4 times in a week for 5 weeks in a particular school.


To become a volunteer or to secure an internship, please email our Director of Education, Justin Simmons, at Justin@spoonsacrossamerica.org.


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