“I think the Dinner Party Project was really fun! I didn’t participate last time but I loved it this time. I learned how to chop tomatoes so that they don’t explode all over you! I also learned how to make delicious crostini and burritos. I’ve already tried working on the crostinis at home and it was a big hit! I think I might use these recipes at family gatherings Overall, it was awesome!!!’- Lainey

Over 150 4th and 5th graders participated in one of five Dinner Parties as the culmination to our signature program, The Dinner Party Project. In this hands-on multi-week program, 4th and 5th grade students learned all the steps involved in planning and executing a dinner party for their classmates, families, and invited guests. The goals of The Dinner Party Project directly align with our mission of promoting healthy eating around the family table. We are particularly grateful to our Dinner Party Project supporters; The New York Women’s Culinary Alliance who supported The Dinner Party Project at The Earth School and the Gracie Mansion Foundation, UBS and The Julia Child Foundation for supporting The Dinner Party Project collaboration between PS 132 and Gracie Mansion.

Down on East 6th Street… At the Earth School in the East Village, cooking teacher Tim Lammers incorporates the lessons and goals of The Dinner Party Project into his yearlong cooking curriculum for 4th and 5th graders. Lessons about nutrition, table setting, etiquette and choosing a party theme took place along weekly cooking lessons. “The kids get upset when they don’t cook every week,” says Lammers, so he is sure to include some element of cooking or food preparation into every class. By the time of the parties in the school cafeteria, the students have prepared every dish at least twice. This was the 2nd year of the project at the Earth School and as such, the 5th graders participated last year as 4th graders. Jia Lee, 4th/5th grade classroom teacher, remarked that the 5th graders took on a leadership role with the 4th graders, and Tim noticed that “they took it very seriously” since they knew a little bit of what it was like.The project culminated this April and May when the students cooked in one of 4 class parties of family members, teachers, and special guests. By all accounts, it was a great time!

” It was very fun to help. I love cooking different thing[s]. It was exciting. I learn about checking stuff that I eat or drink and I will love to share it with my family.”- VJ

“I like making the food with different people and learning about them while working… I enjoyed making the menu for the dinner party because I liked listening to other people’s ideas. I also liked trying new things for the menu.”- Maya

“From the beginning to the end, I LOVED the dinner party! The food was great! Ans I was not the only one who loved it- including my family who I brought to the party. Everything from the beginning speech to the ending desert was great. Even though the party just ended, I can’t wait for the next one.”- Serena

Check out the photos below and then read on to find out what’s happening 175 blocks uptown!