Make your own.

When you buy processed foods, you are paying for packaging, pesticides, and transportation. By replacing store-bought items with homemade counterparts, you can save huge amounts of money and enjoy the privilege of knowing exactly what went into your food. The average cost of whole wheat bread in the U.S. is $2. But you could make your own loaf of whole wheat bread for only $1.  You can find a recipe below for no-knead whole wheat bread and pizza crust.

Eat with the seasons.

Raspberries from Ecuador will be more expensive in January than they will be in July when they are in season nearby. Buying food that is in season means saving money and being in tune with the environment of your hometown.

Grow your own.

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is a delicious and rewarding way to save money on grocery items. A pack of herbs from a grocery store can cost anywhere from $3 to $6 and you are likely only using it for a meal or two.

Eat locally.

The closer the food you eat was grown to you

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, the fewer people there were involved in getting it to you. By cutting out the middleman, you only pay exactly what your food is worth.

Buy in bulk.

For nuts

, rice, grains, and flours, you can purchase in the bulk section of your grocery store and save money on packaging.