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Activities and worksheets for your children to explore new foods.

If you want to further explore healthier eating with your children, check out our three new at-home programs Food Explorers Club, Farm to Book Storytime, and Food Exploration Project – Homeschooling.

Tasting Diversity

Did you know that just like there are a larger amount of different animals, there are large varieties of plants? Interesting and new fruit and vegetable varieties are rising in popularity because they taste better or different than other varieties available. The bright colors of purple carrots, rippled tomatoes, watermelon, and radishes are stunning to be sure. We are choosing foods not just because they look new or cool, we are choosing these foods because they taste better than the other varieties.

Click here for an activity you can do with friends and family to taste some diversity at your local grocery store or farmer’s market!

Regrow Your Vegetables and Save Your Seeds

Want to learn a little bit more about some of your favorite vegetables? This fun science experiment for children teaches them about the food they eat through regrowing herbs and vegetables from kitchen scraps and seeds.

Click here for an activity sheet to learn how some of your children’s favorite vegetables and herbs grow.

Lunch: Exploring New Foods

Eating is something everyone has to do, several times a day. Every meal is an opportunity to nourish our bodies with healthful and nutritious foods, nourish our minds with choices between different food options, and nourish our souls. Lunch is a daily opportunity to explore our tastes and preferences; it is a chance to reinforce our eating habits as we continue to work towards more and more healthful and joyful choices.

Click here for 9 ways to can try exploring new flavors and foods while making lunch with your children.  

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