I’d like to be part of the recipe for healthier children!

To prepare the next generation to take an active part in safeguarding their own health, we inspire a lifelong passion to explore smarter, more nutritious, and more diverse food choices.

Spoons Across America – The Recipe for Healthier Children


This year 6,000 children, in 265 classrooms, in 28 schools learned about nutritious foods from Spoons Across America.



Daniel, one of the children in our Spoons Recipe Days program, had just learned about spinach, and how to make a vinaigrette.  He proudly told us, Spoons taught me to eat a lot more healthy, and that I can make delicious foods that we made in class at home! With your help, Daniel became a true food explorer, ensuring a lasting impact throughout his life.

Your support makes stories like Daniel’s possible.

How we do it

Our Food Educators provide hands-on, experiential learning that helps children like Daniel make healthful and diverse food choices. Our extraordinary curriculum progresses from first through fifth grades for greater cumulative impact, and ultimately is a powerful force in children’s lives.

Why we need your support
Even though we taught 6,000 children this year, there are still thousands of children in our community that we couldn’t reach, and we need your help to bring Spoons’ programming to every child that needs it.  After all, every child deserves to enjoy the benefits of a healthier body, a healthier life, and a healthier community, and Spoons Across America is the recipe for healthier children.
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