Cooking Together with Lily

To help you take your children on their food exploration journey, we created a new video series, Cooking Together with Lily, for you to watch with your children.  Lily will guide you through different recipes and help you to make a healthy snack or meal with your children.

Cooking Together with Lily – For You and Your Family

The Cooking Together with Lily video series will teach you and your children how to put together a food tasting plate to learn about the different flavors and textures of the ingredients in the recipe.  Lily will guide you through each recipe and help you to make a healthy snack or meal with your children.

Each Cooking Together with Lily video features Spoons Across America’s Food Educator, Lily Zaballos, and highlights recipes from our Spoons at Home programs and new recipes for healthy versions of family favorite snacks and meals.  These videos are centered around healthful food and ingredients that you would have in your pantry − and are an exciting way for your children to learn about taste, try a variety of foods, practice culinary skills, and master interesting cooking techniques. 

Throughout each video, Lily provides numerous suggestions on how to switch up the recipe with different vegetables, herbs, and spices based on what’s in season and what tastes your children prefer. 

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Current Videos

As You Like It Granola

This granola recipe is made for customization. Try one of our combos or bring the whole family into the kitchen to create your own. Get creative with it! With less sugar and oil than store-bought granola, this recipe makes a great healthy breakfast or snack. Serve with milk, yogurt, fresh fruit, or as a topper for smoothies. Want enough for family breakfasts all week long? You can double or even triple the recipe. 

Click here to download the recipe.

Hummus Two Ways

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip that is fun and easy to make at home with just a few plant-based ingredients. Here are two plays on the classic dish, one sweet and one savory, that will have you snacking happy in no time.

Click here to download the recipe.

Green Smoothie

This green smoothie is a quick and easy way to get in a few servings of your daily fruits and vegetables. Packed with fiber and vitamins from the fruits and vegetables, it’s a great way to start your day. Serve it topped with granola or with a slice of nut or seed butter toast for a super filling breakfast or snack. 

Click here to download the recipe.

Super Crispy Homemade French Fries

These homemade French fries are easy to make and healthier than the standard fast-food fare. The recipe includes a few tricks for getting your fries super crispy and makes enough to share.

Click here to download the recipe.

Spoons Snack Cookies

These simple cookies are delicious and healthy enough you can have them for breakfast or a snack! With less than ten ingredients and endless ways to mix them up with your favorite dried fruit, nuts, seeds or other add-ins, they will soon be a favorite for afterschool snacks or quick breakfasts. An allergy-friendly version is included if nuts and seeds don’t work for you. 

Click here to download the recipe.

Root Vegetable Tray Bake

This super simple tray bake requires just one pan and can be ready in just under an hour. With endless possibilities for vegetables and spice mixes, this will soon become a weeknight family go-to or a meal prep favorite.

Click here to download the recipe.

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