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Eat Together As A Family

Below you will find information on why we should eat together as a family and cook with our children.

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Why Should We Eat Together As A Family?

  • Improved minds: dinner table conversations teach children more vocabulary than when they are simply being read to.
  • Sitting down together for a meal nurtures family relationships and provides a time in the day for everyone to stop and focus on each other.
  • The family table is also a natural space to foster good listening skills that serve kids well beyond childhood. 
  • Parents can be role models of healthy eating for their kids, and family meals promote a sense of belonging.

Why Should We Cook With Our Children?

  • Kids are more likely to try new healthy foods that they’ve never tried before if they’ve had a hand in preparing them.
  • Helping cook a meal gives kids a sense of purpose in their home space, making them less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol as teenagers.
  • Cooking together encourages children to take ownership over their eating. It provides them with that wonderful sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with preparing their own meal.
  • Cooking together means spending quality time together doing something productive, and means teaching kids a skill that will serve them throughout their lives.
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