Matching Gift Challenge

 Thank you to everyone who donated to the Matching Gift Challenge.

With your help, we turned $30,000 into $60,000
to help us to teach children about the benefits of healthier eating!

 From June 3rd to July 3rd, every dollar donated to Spoons Across America has been matched thanks to a generous donation from a group of Spoons Across America’s friends.

For 20 years, Spoons Across America has educated tens of thousands of children about the benefits of eating healthier foods – and throughout the pandemic, we expanded our nutrition-based programming beyond the classroom and into homes across America. We drew upon our years of experience, consulted with principals, parents, and teachers, and developed three new programs: Food Exploration Project – Homeschooling, Food Explorers Club, and Farm to Book Storytime Video Series.

 Every dollar you donate will be doubled before July 3rd.  Your donation goes directly to supporting our nutrition-based educational programs that teach children how to make healthy eating choices.

Thanks to your generosity, right now thousands of children in 42 states across America are learning about nutritious foods in their home. Our hands-on lessons provide experiential learning that enables children to make healthful and diverse food choices. With our new Spoons at Home programming, every child has access to fun, hands-on learning to begin their journey toward a healthier lifestyle. But we can’t do it without your help. Your support will allow us to reach more children with more life-changing activities designed to delight, excite, and inspire!

Please help us inspire the next generation of food explorers and donate today.

Help spread the word that you support Spoons Across America on
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you would like to mail a gift to Spoons Across America, please mail a check to:

Spoons Across America
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 212
New York, NY 10036

Your donation of $75 or more entitles you to the following Thank You Gifts!
• $75 – Spoons Across America child’s apron
• $100 – Spoons Across America ceramic mug that comes with a removable red spoon
• $250 – Spoons Across America cooler tote and OXO pressure containers
• $500 – Child’s Culinary Kit
• $1,000 – ALL OF THE ABOVE

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