Farm to Book

A food and literacy program for 2nd graders that centers around children’s literature.

In each session, Spoons’ educators read a food-related storybook and lead a tasting and curriculum activity.


Spoons Across America’s curriculum continues in the 2nd grade with Farm to Book®. This program gives children the opportunity to further explore new and unfamiliar tastes.  Using Children’s literature – both fiction and nonfiction – children also learn about the source of their food – how it is produced, grown, and transported from farm to table, making these concepts accessible and fun for young children.

  • These picture books focus on a range of culinary, health, and agriculture related topics including local and seasonal foods, information about plants (parts of a plant, how a seed grows), foods of different cultures, and nutrition.
  • In every session children have the opportunity to smell, taste, and talk about new and unfamiliar foods: inspiring them to become adventurous eaters and develop curiosity about taste, and where their food is grown.
  • Each session includes a tasting component as well as an additional hands-on activity that connects to current Common Core Learning Standards.

At the end of each session, children receive a journal page for writing and drawing as well as a family newsletter containing recipes, activities and information related to the food highlighted in that month’s book.


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