Take a Taste with Spoons

After children have participated in two years of Spoons’ programming, they are ready for Take a Taste with Spoons.

Building upon the themes of exploration and discovery established in Spoons Food Explorers and Farm to Book, this residency for 3rd graders, gives children the opportunity to delve deeper into the discovery of taste, develop increased vocabulary around food and flavor, learn more specific information about nutrition and healthful food choices, and make some simple recipes.


Take a Taste with Spoons is a food and nutrition literacy program for 3rd graders. Each lesson focuses upon a different theme—elements of taste, healthy beverages, and nutritious snacks—providing opportunities for students to taste, prepare, and share food with their classmates.

Each lesson concludes with a shared snack or drink, and time is given for children to write or draw a reflection in their Spoons’ journal. Children bring home a family newsletter with recipes, suggestions for related reading, games, conversations starters, and a recipe to encourage them to prepare and talk about food with their families.

Each session is hands-on, provides opportunities for cooking and tasting, and connects to Common Core Learning Standards.


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