Spoons Across America’s Food Literacy Program for NYC Public Schools

Spoons Across America is Growing in the NYC Public Schools:

Apply Now to be a Spoons Across America Partner School

Spoons Across America is excited to announce the expansion of our food and nutrition literacy based programs for elementary school children. We invite you to join other schools across New York City and apply to be a Spoons Across America Partner School beginning in Fall 2017. New schools will start in school year 2017-2018 with Spoons Food Explorers, our new program for 1st Graders!

Spoons Across America’s programs actively engage children through hands-on experience and direct observation of appearance, texture, scent, and taste, and through our programs, children become independent and inquisitive taste-explorers. Spoons Across America® strives to improve children’s relationship with food and help them understand the long-term benefits of healthy eating. Through our nutrition-based programs, children develop a healthy food curiosity that has a lasting impact throughout their lives. Since 2001, Spoons Across America has worked with over 25,000 children in public schools across New York City. Click here to read more about Spoons Across America

Spoons Across America’s Food Literacy Program for NYC Public Schools?

Spoons Across America’s comprehensive and progressive approach to food and nutrition education in public schools begins in 1st grade and continues through 5th grade. Children participating in our programs have educational experiences around food, tasting, nutrition and health that are developmentally appropriate and build upon previous concepts and experiences. All of our programs are hands on and exploratory based, include opportunities for writing and drawing, and contain take home materials for families with recipes, related activities, and opportunities for further discovery. Please see our programs page for more information about each of our programs.

How does my school apply? Use this link to apply online. Application deadline has been extended. Spaces for new schools are limited.

How does Spoons Across America’s programming work? If your school is accepted, we will begin in 2017-2018 with Spoons Food Explorers. This is a 2-session program for 1st grade children. Each year we will add a program at your school until we have our entire 1st- 5th grade curriculum at the school.
In 2017-2018, we will be implementing some or all of the following programs at our partner schools.

What does my school pay for? Our programs are provided FREE to New York City public schools and are taught in the classroom by a Spoons Food Educator. Spoons Across America provides all materials and food for our programs. Classroom teachers support and assist our Food Educators and trained volunteers.

When are the programs scheduled? Depending on the grade, our programs are scheduled monthly for the school year or weekly for 2, 3 or 6-week residencies. The Program Coordinator at your school (usually the Assistant Principal) will work with Director of Programs at Spoons Across America to develop a schedule that works for your teachers and classrooms.

Where do the classes meet? All of our programs are designed for implementation in the classroom. Sometimes programs are held in a science room or other classroom at the school.

School Expectations:

  • Understanding that after Year I (Spoons Food Explorers), schools agree to add additional programs (2nd-5th) each subsequent year.
  • All classrooms on a particular grade will participate in the program.
  • A Program Coordinator, usually the Assistant Principal, will work with Spoons Across America for scheduling, distribution of materials, etc.
  • Teachers will administer, collect, and return student pre/post survey documents (as needed)
  • Teachers will distribute take-home program materials to students.
  • Teachers will assist and support Spoons Food Educators in implementation of programs.

We look forward to receiving your application. Please contact Ali McDowell, Director of Programs and Partnerships at ali@spoonsacrossamerica.org with any questions.

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